With Less, Do MoreWindows® 7 Professional and the Windows Server® 2008 family*

Your company has many ongoing needs; improving personal and organizational productivity, better organizing and safeguarding information, getting the most out of your IT investments. Introducing the right technology into your business can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money, keeping you focused on your business and not on technology.

1. Get More Done

Need better access to your data?

Get more done in and out of the office and stay better connected to your colleagues and customers with Windows® 7 Professional and the Windows Server® 2008 family*. From almost anywhere, you can easily and very securely access critical information stored on your personal computer, in an e-mail message or attachment, or centrally on a server. Even when outside the network, you can still work offline, and your offline work is synchronized once you reconnect to the server. In addition, your employees can control versions of documents with colleagues and securely share resources such as printers and business applications.

2. Safeguard Your Work

Afraid of losing data on your PC?

Stay safer online and help safeguard your work with Windows® 7 Professional and the Windows Server® 2008 family*. To help keep your vital information highly secure from threats, Internet Explorer® 8 offers the latest in Web browser technology. User permissions on file shares help ensure only those who are authorized can access restricted data on the server. You can also encrypt a specific file or folder containing sensitive information such as social security numbers or financial records. In addition, advanced backup features enable you to schedule periodic backups to save your data or your entire system image to a network location.

3. Gain More IT Control and Flexibility

Need more time with customers?

Spend less time resolving IT issues and more time interacting with your customers. Windows® 7 Professional and the Windows Server® 2008 family* include powerful built-in tools to help simplify the management of your personal computers and network, including diagnostics and troubleshooters to help resolve problems quickly. You can also add Windows 7 Professional personal computers to your network, update users, manage the network health, and install the latest security updates. In addition, most Windows® XP applications are compatible with Windows 7. For those that are not, you can use Windows XP Mode** to run many older productivity applications directly from your desktop.


Windows® 7 Professional and the Windows Server® 2008 family* deliver rich, powerful new features that help you complete your work more effectively and efficiently. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that the data on your personal computers, network, and servers are highly protected. It’s a great way to get more out of your existing IT investments and deliver better service to your customers.

* Talk to Traxler Consulting to determine the right server for your business. Specific features and capabilities will differ by product selected.

**Windows XP Mode requires either OEM pre-installation or post-purchase installation of Windows XP Mode (which runs on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate) and a virtualization technology such as Windows Virtual PC. Both Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC can be downloaded from www.windows.com/business/downloads. For more information on system requirements, go to www.microsoft.com/virtual-pc.