Traxler Consulting is an information technology provider of Cloud Services & Solutions to both small and large businesses in the Houston area. Our Network and Cloud infrastructure is unmatched in terms of size, reliability, scalability, and technology. This results in significant cost savings that are passed on to our clients. Your mission-critical applications need to be secure and available regardless of your cloud platform choice. Traxler Consulting has decades of experience helping customers develop tailored cloud solutions to meet the challenges of today with a design for future success

Over the years, the Traxler Consulting team has perfected the art of transforming business processes through cloud technology. We are experts in complex Office 365 mergers and migrations.

Cloud advisory and cloud technology services are at the core of everything we do at Traxler Consulting. Our cloud advisory services are based on a deep understanding of enterprise IT landscape, and the importance of a stable, secure, and cost effective cloud architecture. We understand that cloud solutions are often only a part of an overall IT service delivery that need to be well integrated with other enterprise technologies and governance structure. We provide advice on building a cloud strategy, assessing suitability of infrastructure, and application portfolios for migrating to the cloud and providing a well-informed business case on the cloud, including RoI, risk management and governance criteria.

We assist clients in building cloud solutions on platforms of their choice, migrating legacy applications as well as implementing enterprise integration frameworks to ensure seamless service delivery across technologies. We have partnered with leading cloud platform providers as well as integration software providers and have built deep expertise in doing multi-technology, complex implementations. Our technology stack includes leading SaaS, PaaS and niche technology software providers that enable us to build end-to-end cloud architecture solutions.

Today, more than ever, companies need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed, scale, and agility as industries are reshaping beneath them. This means innovating faster, creating new revenue streams, deriving more insights from data, and interacting differently with their customers, partners and employees. All of these changes are fundamental, inter-connected, and require a catalyst to drive them – and that is Cloud.

Traxler Consulting offers a full spectrum of cloud services to help maximize the benefits of cloud. Further, we know cloud is more than a technology solution, so our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for lasting success.

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