Today’s world of rapidly changing computer technology demands IT support with fast and reliable service. We offer a full range of IT solutions to meet your business needs. Our highly trained Houston staff provides quality service in all areas including:

Managed IT Services

Traxler Consulting offers Managed IT Services. We provides your organization the peace of mind knowing that your IT services are managed by an expert team of IT professionals. Managed IT solutions are designed to be there 24/7 to ensure your IT services are proactively monitoring threats, utilizing the latest technology available in the marketplace, and evolving with industry trends.

Help Desk

Traxler Consulting provides Managed Help Desk services to help your organization focus on your core business. We resolve your tier 1 and tier 2 issues by providing support to end users via a Help Desk ticketing system. Our team is able to remote into the end user’s device, and provide instructions to help resolve their issues.

Cloud Solutions

Traxler Consulting is a full-service Cloud Systems services partner. Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of cloud consulting services such as Migration, Application Development, AWS Cloud Consulting, Managed Services, Cloud Strategy, Security and Governance, Deployment, Automation, and Big Data.

Office 365 Services

Traxler Consulting offers professionally managed Microsoft Office 365 services. We provide comprehensive support when it comes to migration and helpdesk services. As a certified Microsoft Office 365 partner, we’ll help your team make the transition, and provide full support for all of your Office 365 needs.

IT Vendor Management

Traxler Consulting manages your vendors and acts as your partner for all of your technology needs. No more having to keep up with various vendors for your networking equipment, computer equipment, phone systems, copiers and other applications. If there is an issue, our team will determine who to call, and help you resolve your tech issues.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Traxler Consulting offers a complete Remote Workforce solution for your business. Managing remote workers can be exhausting, and the challenge is ever increasing as we see more employees working from home. Our team takes on that challenge, so you can focus on your core business.

Cloud Connections

Traxler Consulting offers a full range of Cloud Connection services. We make your cloud services perform better by building your network architecture on a foundation of dedicated connectivity. Whatever your strategy, our team gives you the power, flexibility, and speed for connecting your resources, and working smarter in the cloud.

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