We work with every cloud client we service to help architect a cloud migration strategy that is precisely structured to meet your company’s unique business requirements. Whether you are interested in implementing cloud point solutions, hybrid or hosted cloud solutions or full IaaS & SaaS solutions, Traxler Consulting Cloud Services has the resources, experience, and cloud service vendor platforms you need to help you accomplish your company’s goals.

On the ground or in the cloud, Traxler Consulting has you covered

With our cloud services you will be gaining a seasoned team of IT experts & support professionals that are dedicated to your success. We will be the only point of contact you will need to handle all of your company’s IT management and support needs whether on the ground, or in the cloud.

You will also be getting a comprehensive suite of daily cloud monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that your ICS cloud environment remains optimized for peak performance and fully secured.

Our Cloud Services team can help you cost-effectively migrate every internal application and IT asset your business depends on into the cloud.

We accomplish this by leveraging our strategic partnerships with many of the IT industry’s leading cloud service providers to take full advantage of the scalability, processing power and unlimited cloud storage their cloud platforms can offer.

This includes:

  • Data intensive applications for CAD/CAM, AI, Medical, Banking, Brokerage & Aerospace industries.

  • High-volume RDBMS workloads.

  • Desktop Virtualization for PCs & Macs (VDI)

  • Distributed cloud backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

  • High security cloud computing architectures for industries that handle classified or restricted data.

Our cloud platforms are all designed to ensure that managing your industry’s IT compliance requirements will never interfere with managing your business.

Lets work together

If you want to know how we can save your business money every month, please let us know what you are looking for or what you need and we will contact you as soon as possible.