About Us

Traxler Consulting was founded in Houston in 2006 – a full service computer network consulting company providing IT services and solutions to small and midsized businesses. By using a combination of remote monitoring, managed services and onsite support, Traxler Consulting is well equipped to manage and support all facets of our clients.

Less is more – put your IT budget to work for you

What does this mean?

  • Stop wasting money – let us help you put your IT dollars to the best possible use – budget projections, payment plans, financing
  • Stop wasting time – increase efficiency with our rapid response and experienced staff
  • Stop worrying about IT – we take care of communication, documentation, project tracking, and training

The Founder

Jeremiah Traxler has worked in all facets of the Houston IT industry for over 10 years ranging from being first person to pick up the phone to the person that manages the people that solve your issues. He started Traxler Consulting with one simple thing in mind: providing the best service possible and leave the best impression possible . This means that we will keep your best interest in mind as well try to razzle dazzle you when you deal with us because it is impossible for us to be the best unless you believe so.

We set out in 2006 to prove that that idea can work. We have the best solutions for your business in Houston, but to say that we have “the best” solution out there is just marketing. We take your needs and match it up with the way things work in the real world and try to get them to line up. We’ve done it time and time again so far and can do that for just about any business.

The Company Values

  • Frugality. Not Cheap. Being frugal is great, but being cheap is fatal.
  • Patience. People are people and things happen because of people, people don’t happen because of things.
  • Empathy. It’s just a matter of luck that you’re not the one with the problem.