Work the way you want.

1. Experience a faster and more reliable operating system.
• The Windows® 7 Professional operating system is responsive and ready—you can start using your computer quickly with fast startup, shutdown, sleep, and resume from standby.
• Windows 7 Professional is designed to be more reliable than the Windows Vista® Service Pack 1.

2. Use a variety of applications and devices.
• Windows 7 Professional is highly compatible with a wide range of devices and software. It offers Windows XP Mode,* giving you the flexibility to run many Windows XP applications directly from your Windows 7 desktop, and helping extend the life of existing software.
• Microsoft® Office 2010 gives you and your people the ability to work in more places with Microsoft Office Web Apps—online versions of many Office 2010 applications to let you review and do light editing from any device through most common Web browsers.
• Create your own applications with Microsoft 7 Professional and maximize productivity your way.

3. Control costs.
• Spend less time and money resolving computer issues. The powerful diagnostics and troubleshooters built into Action Center in Windows 7 Professional makes it easier to resolve many IT issues yourself.
• Save money by making it possible for every employee to easily produce great-looking documents, presentations, and marketing materials, without outsourcing to agencies and freelancers.

4. Share files and devices easily—whether you have a server or not.
• Even if your organization does not have a server, you can take advantage of HomeGroup to easily share documents, printers, and more across multiple computers that run Windows 7.
• If you do have a server, Windows 7 Professional lets you connect computers quickly and more securely to your domain network (with Domain Join).* Combined with Group Policy,* you can better manage security and costs of multiple computers.
• Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 helps your people work effectively with others in different organizations, locations, or time zones. With Microsoft SharePoint® Workspace 2010, you can create team workspaces where they can easily collaborate on documents stored on a server.

Get more done.

5. Find what you need quickly.
• Find the customer and constituent record, e-mail, or application you need from your computer or network almost instantly with Windows Desktop Search.
• With Microsoft Outlook® 2010 and Link and Track, you can automatically associate all incoming and outgoing e-mails with the Business Contact Manager or Accounts records having the same e-mail address. Manage e-mail automatically, without inbox rules or manual filing.

Upgrade the Desktop

6. Work smarter and more intuitively.
• Arrange windows side by side and minimize or maximize windows with just a keystroke or a mouse gesture with Windows Aero® Enhancements (Snap, Peek, Shake).
• Automatically group similar types of documents, such as financial records or customer lists, into “Libraries” that make it easy to find them—even if they are stored in different folders or different computers.
• Slice and dice large sets of data with improved PivotChart views in Microsoft Excel® 2010, and then use Sparklines to demonstrate the important trends in their data, identify the most profitable customers, and present business insights to your people in a meaningful way.

7. Stay productive anywhere.
• Enjoy long battery life on your mobile computer running Windows 7, and stay productive on the road. Power-saving enhancements include reducing the idle time for the processor, automatic display dimming, and more power-efficient playback for DVDs.
• Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 automatically copies all your business contacts into your Outlook Contacts folder so you can access them by using Outlook Contacts with Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, Windows Live®, or a mobile device.
• Hold virtual client meetings without unnecessary cost or complexity. Broadcast presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010 to anyone with access to a Web browser, whether or not they have PowerPoint.
Safeguard your work.

8. Protect users and systems.
• Use the Outlook 2010 Protected View feature to help defend against malicious software hiding in e-mail attachments and Internet files, in addition to Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Excel 2010 documents, so you can feel confident your corporate information is highly protected.

9. Stay safer online.
• Windows Internet Explorer® 8 gives you safer online experience, and Windows Defender (Integrated with Action Center in Windows 7 for more consistent user experience) helps protect you from viruses, worms, and other forms of security threats.

10. Help protect and secure your data.
• Advanced Backup* lets you schedule a periodical backup to save your data or your entire system image to a network location or a local drive.
• Encrypting File System (EFS)* lets you encrypt a file or folder in particular with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or employee information.
• Use the information rights management features in Office Professional Plus 2010 to restrict unauthorized forwarding, copying, printing, or sharing of your proprietary information, thereby enabling you to safeguard your intellectual property.
• Guard sensitive information and protect your intellectual property. In Microsoft Word 2010, the Document Inspector and expiration date features automatically scan documents, help identify potential legal issues, and provide expiration dates for sensitive content.

*Available only on Windows 7 Professional and above. Windows XP Mode runs on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. If not preinstalled, it can be downloaded free from