LogMeIn has announced that they are discontinuing their Free service.  We often set this up for home users that need access to their office computers.  This is what you’ll see if you log into your free account right now:

Dashboard message

Source from LogMeIn: LogMeIn Blog

The first alternative that we set up for people is Teamviewer. This product is free for personal use but you have to buy it for commercial use and the remote access component is also pretty solid when comparing it to the LogMeIn product.

For businesses that need to provide remote access to their systems and data the best solution is to set up a dedicated Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Server) that resides within your office or with your business systems. It provides secure access to your systems without requiring different logins from another provider such as LogMeIn and you remain in control of your data. We can help you evaluate if this is a better solution for your employees and recommend a desktop solution if that’s still the best option.

Contact Us if you want to inquire about Windows Server RDS solution for your business and we can help you simply evaluate that option.