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Passwords in password “safes” can still be stolen

Original article: You can see that centralizing your information in one location that you don’t control (like pen and paper) can have negative side effects. Using a password manager on your computer or network can be safer than an … Continue reading

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Recover data from failing hard drives with ddrescue

In some cases when a hard drive starts to fail you can still access most of the hard drive and browse files, etc.  The computer might start up and you might experience system instability or it might start locking up repeatedly.  If any … Continue reading

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Sharepoint Config database on SBS 2008 very large

You may notice that these databases become larger than expected on the C:\ drive of a default SBS 2008 installation.  You will have to shrink them to regain the space that the log (.ldf) files are consuming. Databases that might … Continue reading

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Links not working in Outlook

This seems to be a very common occurrence with many of our customers: When clicking on a hyperlink in an e-mail, I get this Message : “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop Connection Basics

A quick overview for using Remote Desktop Connection.

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Windows Server 2008 Backup to 3TB Western Digital USB Drives fail

Larger drives can cause Windows Server 2008/Vista/Windows 7 backups to fail because of the 4k Logical Sector Sizes found on certain drives such as the WD 3TB drives. Here is an overview of the error when trying to use Windows … Continue reading

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Change Internet Explorer’s Default Search Provider to Google

When using Internet Explorer, you might notice that Bing is the default search provider and when you want to change it by clicking the “Find More Providers…” option under the looking glass next to the search box it takes you to … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Systems will meet the requirements to run Windows 8

New computers that were purchased with Windows 7 on it will meet the requirements for Windows 8.  If you’ve wondered whether or not the next version of Windows will force a whole new line of computer to be purchased you can safely bet that the … Continue reading

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No Bull IT Support

Less is more – put your IT budget to work for you Stop wasting money – let us help you put your IT dollars to the best possible use – budget projections, payment plans, financing Stop wasting time – increase … Continue reading

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