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Passwords in password “safes” can still be stolen

Original article: You can see that centralizing your information in one location that you don’t control (like pen and paper) can have negative side effects. Using a password manager on your computer or network can be safer than an … Continue reading

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How to restart Windows 8 from an Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

When you use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to connect to a computer running Windows 8 you lose the shutdown/restart option to prevent people from accidentally shutting down their computer when they’re not sitting in front of it in case they … Continue reading

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LogMeIn Free being discontinued

LogMeIn has announced that they are discontinuing their Free service.  We often set this up for home users that need access to their office computers.  This is what you’ll see if you log into your free account right now: Source … Continue reading

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Recover data from failing hard drives with ddrescue

In some cases when a hard drive starts to fail you can still access most of the hard drive and browse files, etc.  The computer might start up and you might experience system instability or it might start locking up repeatedly.  If any … Continue reading

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Sharepoint Config database on SBS 2008 very large

You may notice that these databases become larger than expected on the C:\ drive of a default SBS 2008 installation.  You will have to shrink them to regain the space that the log (.ldf) files are consuming. Databases that might … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office Live Small Business Discontinued

Here’s the email as of today: We want to sincerely thank you for being an Office Live Small Business customer. The service is now discontinued. If you had a domain (also known as a custom web address) hosted on Office … Continue reading

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The downside of cloud computing: 4 reasons to think twice

You’ve probably seen tons of articles, editorials, and marketing anecdotes about how great the cloud is; how it can save you tons of money, empower you to do incredible things, free your staff up to do all kinds of important … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2008 Backup to 3TB Western Digital USB Drives fail

Larger drives can cause Windows Server 2008/Vista/Windows 7 backups to fail because of the 4k Logical Sector Sizes found on certain drives such as the WD 3TB drives. Here is an overview of the error when trying to use Windows … Continue reading

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Windows SBS backup fails because of SPSearch4 VSS Writer error

On Windows SBS 2011 the backups can start failing because of an SPSearch4 VSS Writer error.  You might see this in the Application logs, but more importantly if you list the VSS writers with the command below you can explicitly … Continue reading

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How to get a list of users sorted by their mailbox sizes in Exchange 2007

You can simply run this command from the Microsoft Exchange Management Console to show you what your mailboxes are using in a readable format.  Without the specified options below the formatting can be hard to read. Get-MailboxStatistics | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -Descending … Continue reading

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